Design with CHPS in Mind

CHPS Designed™ is best for a school district or design teams that have significant experience and internal resources to ensure the project is constructed as designed. CHPS Designed helps design teams manage the points they are claiming through a project scorecard. This scorecard is a useful tool for school districts and CHPS project managers to monitor compliance with the CHPS credits and prerequisites. The scorecard offers a checklist for points earned, and can be used to designate responsible team members and track compliance with credits. Traditionally, project teams pursuing CHPS Designed have been on their own to navigate the CHPS Criteria.

CHPS Designed Registration Fees

  • CHPS Members $900
  • Non-Members $1,250

In exchange for our review fee, the project will have access to the following services from CHPS:

  • Prompt review of the completed CHPS Designed scorecard and narratives describing how the project complies with the CHPS Criteria
  • CHPS Designed Plaque at the completion of the project
  • Use of the CHPS Designed logo in conjunction with the project
  • Availability of local CHPS representative for recognition ceremony

The Self-Certification Process

CHPS Designed does not include a third-party review. Accountability for compliance with CHPS Criteria rests on the school district and design team, and CHPS provides a narrative review for credibility and recognition. The CHPS Designed program involves submission of a scorecard tallying prerequisites and credits with short, written explanations of how the project complies with the criteria. CHPS Designed does not require any documentation, such as specifications or photographs. CHPS Designed submissions are completed in two parts, just like our CHPS Verified program: at the end of design documents (Design Review) and when the building is substantially complete or permitted for occupancy (Construction Review). There is no audit step.

Recognition for CHPS Designed

Once a project has been reviewed by CHPS and approved, it will be recognized as a CHPS Designed project. Projects will receive a signed designed recognition letter from CHPS' Managing Director, a CHPS Designed Plaque, and use of the CHPS Designed digital logo. CHPS will list the project on its website in our project directory. CHPS may invite the school administration to submit details and photographs for a case study, to be showcased on our website and in presentations.

Have questions on the CHPS Designed program?

Download the complete User Guide to Verification. And please contact us at with specific questions.