Massachusetts is a regional pioneer and national leader in healthy, high performance schools with more completed CHPS Verified and CHPS Verified Leader projects than any other state in the region. The state is home to over 70 registered or completed CHPS projects.

State Policies

The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has established several sustainable green programs for all MSBA-funded projects with an increased emphasis on reducing energy and water consumption. These programs include updated standards for new and major renovation/addition projects as well as improved sustainable requirements for repair projects. The MSBA also requires and pays for the entire cost of building commissioning for all MSBA-funded projects to ensure that these buildings operate efficiently and as designed. In 2015, MSBA adopted NE-CHPS as the CHPS criteria for schools, replacing MA-CHPS 2009.

Recognition Programs Available in Massachusetts

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Incentives and Rebates

The MSBA provides an additional financial incentive of 2% of eligible project costs for new and major renovation/addition projects as an option that achieve the following:

  • Using the NE-CHPS Criteria Version 3.1, achieves a minimum of CHPS Verified recognition (110 points for new construction or 85 points for renovation/addition), including a minimum of 9 points in Energy Efficiency Credit EE 1.1.

In addition, DSIRE maintains a comprehensive database of Incentives for Massachusetts, many of which can be applied to schools.

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