VA-CHPS is due for an update! We are looking ahead to a complete review and update of the VA-CHPS Criteria as soon as possible. We have made a small, administrative edit to the current version for now. Schools wishing to use a more recent version of CHPS Criteria may use the US-CHPS version found here.

The Virginia CHPS Criteria (VA-CHPS) is a state-specific benchmark system for the design and construction of high performance school buildings in Virginia. The goal of this tool is to provide guides for developing energy efficient, comfortable, environmentally responsible and healthy spaces of learning.


Virginia CHPS contains prerequisites and credits that reflect the changing nature of school design and construction in Virginia. A credit for Building Information Modeling (BIM) acknowledges how technology can be used to reduce wasteful construction mistakes in the design phase. Because energy management systems are still not prevalent in Virginia schools, VA-CHPS provides greater incentives for their use. Local resources such as the Virginia School Facilities Guidelines for Acoustics and the Virginia Stormwater Management Program are referenced throughout the Criteria. The committee also used the point distribution to incorporate environmental priorities in Virginia. 

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