2016 Update

CHPS is pleased to announce the updating of the CHPS Criteria and Best Practices for prefabricated modular classrooms (also known as relocatable classrooms) thanks to the generous support of American Modular Systems (AMS) and Bard Manufacturing Company, as Presenting Sponsors. The update is guided by an ad hoc subcommittee of the CHPS National Technical Committee.

Volume VI: Relocatable Classrooms for High Performance Schools was developed in 2006 and last updated in 2009. Over the past decade, high performance, prefabricated school construction has evolved and made major strides. Prefabricated classrooms and school buildings have emerged as a practical alternative to the school construction/procurement method. Numerous production models are readily available over a continuum of prefabrication and various construction materials and several multi-story, specialty space, and sustainable options have been introduced.

The Update is comprised of three parts:

  •  Modify the CHPS Criteria for Prefabricated Classrooms and the CHPS PreFAB pre-approval program for consistency and to reflect the US-CHPS Criteria.
  • Update the Prefabricated Classroom volume (VI) of the CHPS Best Practices Manual (BPM)
  • Revise the High Performance Prefabricated Classroom specification.
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2009 Edition

CHPS released the 2009 edition of its high performance rating Criteria for Relocatable Classrooms, Relocatable Classrooms for High Performance Schools. This innovative resource provides tools for manufacturers, school districts, and design teams to specify, build, and acquire high performance relocatable classrooms. Joining the CHPS family of assessment tools, the resource includes a Design section and Scorecard to assess and certify high performance relocatables. Modernizations of existing relocatable classrooms will also be recognized through this new system.

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