Tue, Oct 23, 2018 - 1:00pm ET

CHPS invites you to join us for a training webinar: "CHPS Designed: Getting it Right the First Time."The webinar is a primer on the program and how to successfully submit a scorecard for review. We will cover the following:

  1. Introduction to CHPS Designed
  2. What to expect after registration
  3. Timing of submissions
  4. Completing the Annotated Scorecard
  5. What to expect during the review process
  6. Doing a combined Design & Construction submission
  7. What to expect once the project is approved

This program is specifically developed for design teams with a project currently registered in our CHPS DesignedTM program, but the the public is welcome. If your school, district, or design firm is considering a future CHPS DesignedTM project, please join us to help you get started in the right direction.

Please share this video with colleagues who would benefit from this training.

For additional information, contact Andrea Ranger, CHPS Technical Consultant techconsultant@chps.net.

CHPS Designed: Getting It Right the First Time 

0:00       Introduction to CHPS Designed

6:04       Registering a Project and What to Expect After Registration

7:29       Demonstration of Project Management Software, Basecamp

11:02    Timing of a CHPS Submissions, Design and Construction Submissions

11:57    Completing the Annotated Scorecard

16:22    What to Expect During the Review Process

19:59    What Happens Next When You Attain CHPS Designed Status?

21:20    Question & Answer

21:53:   Q: Can we make changes to the format of the scorecard?

26:37    Q: Is there a template for the narrative?

27:19    Q: How thorough should the documentation be for the energy efficiency prerequisite and credit? This credit is potentially worth a lot of points so is more documentation required?

28:10    Q: VA-CHPS Scorecard indicates "DOCUMENT/PLAN REFERENCE HERE". Earlier in the presentation, we were told not to provide drawing or specifications references. Please advise.

29:04    Q: The district would like to keep record of the scorecard but not verify the project at this moment. Is there a different process that we could use to archive the process of a project and verify in the future?

31:00    Q: Can we have project reviewed as CHPS 2009?

31:50    Q: Technical question: the CA scorecard says "Note that prerequisites have points associated with them..." but not all do, like Bicycle Parking and Light Pollution Reduction. Can we use the Innovation category for them?

Video Link CHPS Designed: Getting It Right the First Time 



Andrea Ranger, CHPS Technical Consultant

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