Operations Coordinator
415-957-9888 x301
Janice brings more than 20 years of combined experience in writing, outreach, grant research and development, and program planning and implementation. She specializes in environmental education, outdoor recreation and addressing environmental issues. Janice received an award for the “Best Urban Forestry Education Program,” in her position as LEAF Program Coordinator with the Sacramento Tree Foundation in 2008. She has worked closely with teachers and hundreds of students as a guest artist and artist in residence. Janice is the founder and leader of Nature Detectives, an afterschool program, giving students in kindergarten through third grade an opportunity to discover the outdoor world. Her background includes completed projects for many regional nonprofit organizations, California State Parks, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Arts Council, UC Davis, conservancies, land trusts and the National Park Service. Janice holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism from California State University, Sacramento, where she received the Award of Merit from her department upon graduation.