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The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides technical resources for school design, construction, operations and maintenance standards through its extensive design criteria programs and project reviewers. We're a collaborative of school districts, architects, builders, building scientists, health professionals and consultants dedicated to fostering healthy learning environments.


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Every community across the country deserves the best possible schools—with clean air, good lighting and acoustics, and thermal comfort—that improve student performance, reduce the amount of energy consumed, and are less expensive to run in the long run. Together, we can make this happen!

CHPS Members are a big part of our collaborative!  Occupying diverse communities from all across the country, each member contributes a wide-range of ideas, unique perspectives, and helpful resources that help drive our mission. 

Join today and help us create new opportunities to further advance our collective vision: improve student physical health, academic performance, mental well-being, and environmental stewardship by creating the best high-performance school environment through educational resources, design criteria and verification.

Our Member Benefits
Not only does your contribution help us continue to provide FREE resources for schools and districts, it helps us continue to influence the development of healthy, efficient, sustainable schools around the country...and we’re just getting started!  
Members of CHPS enjoy a wide-range of benefits on everything CHPS has to offer from project registration to leadership opportunities on CHPS Committees to publication in our quarterly newsletter. Check out some of the benefits your organization can enjoy: 
  • The opportunity to help drive the future of CHPS as a member of our National Technical Committee and other working groups where you’ll help develop new CHPS programs and vet existing school projects 
  • CHPS Orientation presentation for your firm to streamline your project and answer any questions
  • Discounts on project registration fees to make your projects more cost-efficient
  • Exposure to the CHPS audience by hosting webinars or publishing resources to help you stand out as a leader in building high performance schools
  • Technical office hours and project reviews by CHPS experts to ensure you’re building to the highest standards
  • Promotion in our newsletter to reach prospective clients and partners
  • And continue to help us provide benefits to our members!

Your CHPS membership doesn’t just benefit your organization, it benefits the schools and districts we serve by helping us provide FREE resources for schools and districts and continue to influence the development of healthy, performance-enhancing, efficient, sustainable schools around the country.

  • Members and their support are more important than ever as CHPS embarks on the next chapter of our organization, which includes:
  • Helping under-resourced schools identify, prioritize, and implement incremental – but critical – improvements that will meaningfully improve the health and wellbeing of their students 
  • Enabling more schools to improve their physical environment by connecting them to funding sources and providing guidance on how to best use it
  • Reaching more school districts to advise and empower them to improve their student’s learning environments and drive better outcomes
  • Educating more school districts on what practical steps they can take to bridge student health and community environmental priorities  

And, we will continue providing the tools, educational materials, best practices, specifications, and 3rd party verification on the design, construction, and operation of high-performance schools. 

Annual Member Fees

Note: Effective January 1, 2022, we increased member dues for all For Profit and Nonprofit levels. 

We welcome any business, institution, public agency, organization, or individual seeking to improve the quality of education for our nation’s children. Contributing to CHPS helps us further advance our mission, develop our programs and organization, provide free resources to our schools and districts, and supports the growth of the healthy high performance schools' movement throughout the country. For Profit membership tiers are based on the PK-14 school portion of the company's revenue.

Member Fee Structure:


For Profit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations
PK-12 Schools and DistrictsPublic AgenciesIndividualStudent/Senior


$10,500>$1B/yr revenues

$325   >=51 employees


$215  <=50 employees


$6,800 >$500M to $1B/yr revenues
$3,700>$100M to $500M/yr revenues$4,999State
$2,100>$25M to $100M/yr revenues
$1,050   >$1M to $25M/yr revenues$499Local
$425  <$1M/yr revenues


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