CHPS Partners in Learning Meeting at the 2018 Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit

The 2018 Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit is coming to the Pasadena Convention Center and CHPS will be hosting a Partners in Learning meeting Tuesday, October 30th 10am -11am in Ballroom E. This will be the first public preview of the 2018 CHPS Core Criteria update. The Core Criteria update will inform next year's CA-CHPS update. Join us for an overview of the changes and a chance to provide your feedback. CHPS Members check your email for a 20% off promo code for registration

CHPS Has Launched a New Website!

CHPS is always striving to meet the needs of our members and users. In response to your requests, we have updated our website to a more powerful platform with a fresher look and many new features we hope will better fit the ways we communicate, manage transactions, and collaborate to make schools the best possible learning environments with the least impact on the planet. Thank you for your continued collaboration with us!

We welcome you to check out the new site and tell us what you think!

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