Tue, Oct 6, 2020 - 2:55pm

Congratulations to Albany Middle School (Calif.) for earning CHPS Verified certification over the summer of 2020.

Located at 601 San Gabriel Avenue in Albany, Calif., the Annex, which opened in June 2019, was designed by SVA Architects and built by Rodan Builders, Inc.  Verification by the CHPS program demonstrates that SVA’s design for Albany Middle School has satisfied one of the strictest standards for green school design, a benchmark only a small percentage of schools have met.

CHPS managing director, Elisabeth Krautscheid says that CHPS welcomes “Albany Middle School Annex to the distinguished rank of educational facilities that are leading the movement to build this new generation of healthy, high performance, green schools.”  She continues, “High performance learning environments will deliver many benefits to schools, including making a significant improvement in the health and education of our children, inspiring future leaders and creating a stronger America.”

The new Annex has relieved overcrowding at the 20-year-old Albany Middle School campus by adding a two-story classroom building and a drama building connected by a covered breezeway.  The project included 12 classrooms, a computer lab, a flexible drama lab and an administrative space. The $11.7 million facility has improved the teachers’ ability to provide a quality education to the 6th – 8th grade students.