Mon, Apr 29, 2019 - 9:00am

As part of our strategic plan and priorities for the next three years, CHPS is seeking to double our impact. To date, we have worked with over 100 districts and more than 1,000 schools. The demand for our services is growing. With your help, we can impact more!

We are committed to offering free memberships and resources to schools, but that means we can’t always cover costs. That’s why we have set an ambitious goal for the next three years to fill the gap and double our impact by expanding our programs and reaching new audiences.

Your generous support will be used to bolster our key programs and enhance our ability to provide new resources and tools.

Some examples of how your investment may help:

  • Expanded resources for schools and design teams to make it easier for them to identify relevant best practices and solutions to design issues.
  • Outreach to new districts and to new audiences, such as young professionals and parents.
  • Engagement with students using the school as a learning tool.
  • Educational events on themes such as overcoming challenges in achieving a high performance school.

Join us in providing the resources needed to transform every school into a healthy, high performance school. You can choose to participate by:

All students deserve the best learning environment possible ... schools that are safe, healthy, resource efficient, and designed to inspire learning. By working together, we will create them.

Better buildings. Better students.


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Together, let’s support them.

By working together, we can fundamentally transform the design, construction, and operation of our nation’s K-12 schools, making them healthier, safer, and more resource efficient.

Join us now in providing the resources and programs that schools need to achieve high performance in health, safety, and resource-efficiency.

Every contribution helps!

Your support will help us fill the gap in meeting expanding needs by participating in our Impact Campaign. Every contribution--from $5 to $50,000--supports our capacity to serve more schools and in bigger ways.

Making a general donation of any amount will go a long way toward accomplishing our mission ... to make every school an ideal place to learn.

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