Mon, Jan 25, 2021 - 1:55pm

We're excited to announce that Gallatin High School has become the first school in Montana to earn CHPS Verified certification.

The new 1,500-student Bozeman school, which opened in fall 2020, earned 118 points in qualifying as a CHPS high performance facility.

The school was designed by architect Cushing-Terrell around the idea of a town center, with a commons area where students can come together for things such as assemblies, meetings, and study time. The grand staircase offers great views and great functionality. The town center' is surrounded by important community functions such as the administration offices, library, art gallery, student store, gymnasium, auditorium, and the food court.

The building has 30,000 square feet of space, but the combination of stacked one-, two- and three-story wings helps reduce travel distances from one side of the school to the other. And it creates opportunities for key spaces to make physical and visual connections to the commons, and enhances efficiency in the building’s footprint, systems, and energy use. 

So what helped the home of the Raptors qualify as a high performance school? Here are some of the key factors:

Ventilation: The HVAC system was designed and constructed to provide continuous outdoor air ventilation to each indoor space. This produces a positive impact on student and teacher performance and reduces the potential for long-term health problems. 

Moisture management: Grading was designed to slope away from the building foundation to prevent ponding and pooling. Building materials were protected from moisture during construction and any water-damaged materials were discarded to prevent mold growth in the building.

Low-emitting materials: Products and materials that have low emissions of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) were utilized in educational spaces to reduce the potential for adverse effects on students and staff.

Lighting: High-quality daylighting designs were used that minimize glare and direct sunlight, enhancing student performance and ensuring energy savings. Electric lighting is long-lasting and energy efficient, and allows for easy control by teachers.

Acoustics: Designed to enhance communication and limit noise-related distractions in classrooms. The 750-seat auditorium has moveable acoustic panels.

 Water: Durable, high-performance water fixtures and an irrigation system that enhance efficiency and reduce the cost and amount of sewage needing treatment after use.

Partners on the project include: Langlas & AssociatesDCI EngineersTD&H EngineeringSchuler ShookBig Sky Acoustics

Photos of the school courtesy of Karl Neumann Photography.

Project and grand opening media coverage can be found via 7 KBZK Bozeman and Bozeman Daily Chronicle