Mon, Apr 2, 2018 - 8:00am

Green Schoolyards America has released its 2018 Living Schoolyard Activity Guide – United States Edition. This new publication is an expanded version of the school ground activity guide that they have been producing over the last few years. It is designed to help schools use their grounds to the fullest.

Green Schoolyards America, along with The International School Grounds Alliance, has also produced a companion book, the 2018 International School Grounds Month Activity Guide. Together, the two guides include a total of 235 activities written by 187 organizations in 27 countries. All of the activities in both guides are intended for use anywhere in the world.

Please help us to share and celebrate these publications! They are great tools for preparing for Living Schoolyard Month (May) and International School Grounds Month (May), and they demonstrate the collective power of this worldwide movement of which you are an essential part!

Green Schoolyards America will be publishing a blog to showcase the ways that schools are celebrating Living Schoolyard Month and International School Grounds Month. You are encouraged to document your outdoor schoolyard activities in May and share that information with Green Schoolyards America by registering here:

For additional information, contact Erica Fine, Program Associate, Green Schoolyards America at,