Thu, Jan 20, 2022 - 3:23pm

Reminder to new and current members: Effective January 1, we have increased our member fees by a small amount for all for profit and nonprofit levels. We have not raised our dues for more than 5 years, and the increase will allow us to meet ever-increasing operating costs. The fee increase will allow us to meet members’ interests and provide better services to schools and school districts. 

We are also ending our legacy pricing structure implemented in 2016. Legacy pricing was awarded to long-time members so they could sustain their previous membership level. While we enjoyed providing this courtesy to long-time members, it is time to simplify our system and focus on other services. This change may result in decreases for some members and increases for others. 

Members issued renewal invoices prior to January 1 will pay old current fee. Members issued renewal invoices after January 1 will pay the new fee. 

Fee structure:

Member CategoryOld FeeNew Fee
For profit >$1B$9,999$10,500
For profit >$500M<=$1B$6,499$6,800
For profit >$100M<=$500M$3,499$3,700
For profit >$25M<=$100M$1,999$2,100
For profit <$1M<=$25M$999$1,050
For profit <=$1M$399$425
Nonprofit >=51 employees$299$325
Nonprofit <=50 employees$199$215
Federal Agency$4,999No change
State Agency$4,999No change
Local Public Agency$499No change
Individual$125No change
Student/Senior$25No change