The Operations Report Card™

The ORC is offline while we work towards an updated version. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you are working on a school construction project and looking to comply with our ORC requirements, here is the interim guidance:

In the meantime, the following information will give you an overview and may generate ideas on how you can use the ORC in your own district. Contact us with any questions, requests, or suggestions you may have. We welcome your input! And if you want to get involved in our ORC Advisory Board or become a pilot school for the new tool, let us know that too!


What areas of school operation are impacting your ability to provide a cost-effective, healthy learning environment? Do you know what part of your campus you should invest in when you develop your next bond? Can you tell if recent capital investments have resulted in a quantifiable improvement in building performance? 

The Operations Report Card™ (ORC) helps you answer these questions with confidence. With the ORC, you can benchmark the performance of your existing schools and develop data-driven improvement plans that save precious school operating dollars. 

The ORC evaluates seven metrics for healthy, cost-effective, high performance learning environments: 

  1. Indoor air quality: Improve student and staff health through better ventilation and reducing indoor pollutants
  2. Energy efficiency: Connect directly to your utility bills to see energy use in your school and district
  3. Visual quality: Discover opportunities to optimize lighting and improve energy efficiency
  4. Acoustics: Reduce distracting noise levels and improve communication in classrooms
  5. Thermal comfort: Measure classroom temperature and humidity to improve student and teacher comfort
  6. Water conservation: Analyze campus-wide water efficiency
  7. Waste reduction: Understand the composition of your campus waste stream 

The web-based ORC guides users through several benchmarking steps, including gathering school-wide building/systems data, conducting an occupant survey, collecting classroom measurements, completing ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and performing water fixture and waste audits. After entering all of the required information, the school is provided with a Report Card and a customized list of suggested improvements based on their site information. Use this list to create an action plan of improvements to get on the road to higher performance. 

The Operations Report Card™ is the perfect tool for a variety of school or district scenarios:

  • High performance schools seeking to benchmark their success
  • Schools that want to diagnose problematic performance and prioritize improvements
  • Schools that have completed EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager or IAQ Tools for Schools
  • Districts that are beginning a construction bond proposal or master planning process