Architectural Nexus
Location: Sacramento, California 95811
Phone: 916-443-5911
Organization type: Design Professionals (Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects)

Architectural Nexus is an architectural and multidisciplinary design firm with an integrated practice reaching throughout the western United States and beyond. Design is creation and Architecture is additive. As design professionals we have the opportunity and responsibility to inspire an increase in the universe, not just move value around and take our cut. After we have done our job, humanity (and the universe) has experienced a benefit; we make something out of nothing. Nature has invited us to gently gather it, organize it, make it full of purpose – and to preserve its beauty. We are stewards of the built and natural environment. We respect both equally and are interested in affecting their increase through the work we do as a collective of design professionals. We seek diversity in all forms (markets, interests, people, etc.), which fosters adaptability, resilience, learning, mentoring and, thus, regeneration.