1. Click on the link for the CHPS Verified or CHPS Designed file for your project type and criteria version. All files are in Excel format and locked for content and structure. The document will open in Excel.
  2. Save the file with your project name in the title to your computer.
  3. When ready to submit for review, upload your file to your project's Basecamp site.

The CHPS Verified workbooks are listed first. Jump to CHPS Designed.

Criteria Edition 
(current in

Project Type/NotesFileVersion DateUpdates/Notes
US-CHPS & CA-CHPS v2.0 (2020 and later) and Individual Worksheets (2014 and later)
US-CHPS v2.0allUSv2_Verified_WorkbookJune 2022v1.1, corrected MW 5.1 points pursued, summation of points
CA-CHPS v2.0CA-CHPS 2014 v1.02 (2016 update)    standard: new construction or major modernization (classroom/non-classroom, new or existing site)CAv2_Verified_WorkbookOctober 2021

v2 Corrected locked cells

v1, intentionally does not contain individual criteria sheets, download individual sheets below

CA-CHPS v2.0

existing campus with combination new construction and major modernization


CAv2_Verified_Workbook_MixedScopeSeptember 2022 
All from 2014+all

Individual Prereq & Credit Sheets:
EQ-Low_Emitting_Materials **revised**
v2-WE_Indoor_Water **new**
SS_Proximity_Students_Services (aka Central Location)
SS_Sustainable_Site_Use (aka Minimize Site Disturbance)
CHPSv1.x_Materials (for 2014-2016 editions)
CHPSv2_Materials (for 2020+ editions)

July 2021

Sep 2021: Low Emitting Materials worksheet - paints & coatings tab revised to clarify HI-CHPS requirements

July 2021: Views worksheet formulas fixed

To be used with v2.0 Verified Workbooks. Also can be used by CHPS Designed teams as internal tools or by CHPS Verified teams as substitutes for worksheets in older CHPS Verified workbooks.
Sewerage Conveyance worksheet not created because credit discontinued in v2.0.

CHPS Verified (pre-2020)
US-CHPS 2014allUS14-16_Verified_WorkbookSep 2020
9/2020: unlocked number of occupants cell on WE 2.1 worksheet
2/2020: more site disturbance calc fixes
1/2020: water budget baseline fixed; min. site disturbance calc fixed; human transportation calc fixed, materials worksheet fixed, project summary sheet added
8/2019: revised BIM documentation; fixed formula for occupants on Sewage Conveyance tab
7/2019: unprotected Anticipated Student Population on Scorecard; made formulas visible on Sewage Conveyance tab
6/2019: updates and corrections to Materials Worksheet
4/2019: updates to sewage conveyance calculator
1/2019: structural & functional; cell access fixed; water budget documentation clarified
CA-CHPS 2014 v1.02 (2016 update)standard: new construction or major modernization (classroom/non-classroom, new or existing site)CA14-16_Verified_Workbook_New-or-ModFebruary 2020
2/2020: fixed parking calculations & broken links
1/2020: added Project Summary sheet, minimum site disturbance calc fixed; human transportation calc fixed, further fixes to Materials worksheet
7/12/2019: corrected protection on Anticipated Student Population cell; made formulas visible on Sewage Conveyance tab
3/25/2019: Scorecard Instructions corrected & revised; Innovation credit title cells unlocked on II Documentation tab; permissions for formatting worksheets adjusted per user feedback
12/2018: materials worksheet fixed; overall functionality

existing campus with combination new construction and major modernization


1. CA14-16_Verified_Workbook_ComboScope

2. Project Summary - new

Feb 2020
2/2020: fixed site disturbance calcs, updated bike parking calcs, & updated materials worksheet, added Project Summary worksheet
7/2019: renamed file to avoid confusion with new campus projects
12/2018: materials worksheet fixed; added multiple scorecards; overall functionality
Materials Worksheet for workbooks substantially completed prior to 12/2018Materials_WorksheetJan 2020
1/2020: formula corrections, clarifications on MW 10.1
11/2018: functionality
CA-CHPS 2009allCA09_Verified_Workbook not being updated
NE-CHPS 3.2all


NE3.2_ScorecardOnly - for design team use only, not for submission

October 2021unlocked points cells in OM & EE; small improvements to scorecard 
Fixed denominator in MW 3.1 calculation
NE-CHPS 3.1allNE3.1_Verified_WorkbookJuly 2018
as of Sept 2019 not being updated
minor functionality
all, scorecard onlyNE3.1_Verified_ScorecardAugust 2018not being updated
HI-CHPS 2012 v1.1allHI12v1.1_Verified_WorkbookJan 2020updated for HI-CHPS v1.1
HI-CHPS 2012 v1.0allHI12_Verified_Workbook January 2019
as of Sept 2019 not being updated
functionality, point totals corrected, materials worksheet fixed
all, optional, 8.5X11 scorecard onlyHI12_Verified_Scorecard_8.5X11Sept 2019

cells correctly formatted to sum; formatted to print 8.5X11

TX-CHPS 2015


2015_TX_CHPS_WorkbookJune 2022

v1.2, cells correctly formatted to sum 

VA-CHPS 2011all2011_VA_CHPS_WorkbookAugust 2022v1.0
CHPS Designed
CA-CHPS v2.0allCAv2_Designed_ScorecardJuly 2021 
CA-CHPS 2014 v1.02 (2016 update)allCA14v1.02_Designed_ScorecardDec 2020minor redesign, instructions updated, columns added for team planning, EE 9.0 marked as removed
CA-CHPS 2014 v1.01allCA14v1.01_Designed_Scorecard

July 2019

7/2019: redesigned, instructions added, user cells more clearly marked
1/2019: user cells unlocked

TX-CHPS 2015all2015-TX-CHPS_ScorecardJuly 2018 
US-CHPS v2.0allUS-CHPSv2_DesignedScorecardSep 20219/2021: minor corrections to prerequisite flags
US-CHPS 2014 v1.1allUSCHPS_Designed_ScorecardFeb 2021Note: Spreadsheet header says "v1.02" but is actually for v1.1
2/2021: unlocked all user cells
VA-CHPS 2011allVA11_Designed_ScorecardFeb 2021

2/2021: logo updated
1/2021: points corrected
5/2019: content correction
4/2019: functionality