Over 50 schools and districts have joined the CHPS membership program representing over one million students and over 1500 schools nationwide. Become a member of CHPS and join this distinguished group of schools and districts who are committed to making their schools more resource and energy efficient, sustainable, and healthier places to learn.

Make a Commitment to High Performance

Over 40 school districts have signed board level resolutions making the CHPS Criteria the standard for all new school construction and major modernizations district-wide.  

Schools and districts across the country are realizing the benefits of becoming a CHPS School District by committing to high performance, healthy, green schools. If you are interested in passing a board level or trustee level resolution, we want to know!

CHPS has many resources to support the process and recognize your commitment. In order to pass a CHPS Resolution, it is important to increase awareness and support for high performance, green healthy schools across your district. It is key to include teachers, designers, facilities and maintenance staff, administrators, parents and students in the decision to "go green". Planning for High Performance Schools is a great road map on how to get started.

Once you have everyone on board, bring it your school board for a district commitment. CHPS offers a sample district resolution and also offers examples of other districts' resolutions.

If you are from a private school and would like to participate, please contact us.

District Resolution Requirements

In order to be recognized as a CHPS Resolution, the resolution must meet the following requirements:

  • A formal commitment must be made at the Board or Trustee level.
  • A specific commitment needs to be made that ALL new construction and major modernization projects (as defined by CHPS) meet the CHPS Criteria minimum qualifying point and prerequisite threshold.
    Note: please do not specify a minimum point level as the qualifying point level may be subject to change in subsequent Criteria editions.
  • A scanned or digital version of the resolution, signed and dated, must be submitted to CHPS.

CHPS Resolutions

These school districts and county offices of education have mandated minimum certification for all new construction and major modernizations.

School or DistrictYearNumber of Students
Albany Unified School District20163,900
Ann Arbor Public Schools202117,451
Beverly Hills Unified School District20144,943
Berkeley Unified School District20078,856
Burbank Unified School District2001265,291
Cajon Valley Union School District200616,237
Capistrano Unified School District200852,371
Chico Unified School District200813,454
Chula Vista Elementary School District200627,236
Coachella Valley Unified School District200518,256
Coast Community College District200360,000
Coast Unified School District2003801
Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District2012110,000
Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District20038,044
Fremont Unified School District201533,308
Hemet Unified School District200823,577
High Tech High Learning Center20092,500
Lake Tahoe Unified School District20084,184
Live Oak School District20082,194
Long Beach Unified School District200888,366
Los Altos School District20074,275
Los Angeles Unified School District2001697,483
Los Angeles Unified School District2003697,483
Menlo Park City School District20072,324
Mill Valley Unified School District20092,416
Natomas Unified School District200511,733
New Haven Unified School District200512,924
Oakland Unified School District200745,634
Palo Alto Unified School District200711,104
Poway Unified School District200634,833
Roseland School District20071,996
Roseville Joint Union High School District200910,655
Sacramento City Unified School District200948,206
San Bernardino City Unified School District201057,000
San Diego Unified School District2003129,345
San Francisco Unified School District200354,058
San Marcos Unified School District200318,106
San Rafael City Schools20035,770
Santa Ana Unified School District200756,417
Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District200711,572
Ukiah Unified School District20056,412
Visalia Unified School District200427,422
West Contra Costa Unified School District200730,733
Windsor Unified School District20085,582

Schools and Districts Using CHPS Resources
These schools and districts have passed resolutions that reference the CHPS Criteria and technical resources and specify the use of high performance building wherever possible.

School or DistrictYearNumber of Students
Irvine Unified School District200926,634
Mount Diablo Unified School District200735,287
Sacramento City Unified School District200948,206
San Leandro Unified School District20078,712
Santa Clara County Office of Education20083,199
Sunnyvale School District20076,025
Vacaville Unified School District200413,062