Congratulations to all these schools!

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Redington Junior/Senior High SchoolAlaskaDesigned 
Bonita Performing ArtsCaliforniaVerified Sept. 2015
Castlebay Lane Elementary SchoolCaliforniaVerifiedJan. 2018
Central Region 9th StreetCaliforniaVerifiedJuly 2018
Chico High School Fitness LabCaliforniaVerifiedNov. 2017
Chico High School Lincoln HallCaliforniaVerifiedAug. 2017
Coalinga High School North Wing & New FacilityCaliforniaVerifiedMarch 2016
Downtown Educational ComplexCaliforniaVerified LeaderJuly 2015
Garfield High SchoolCaliforniaVerifiedJuly 2015
Havenscourt Middle SchoolCaliforniaVerifiedAug. 2017
Highland Elementary SchoolCaliforniaVerified LeaderJan. 2018
John C. Fremont High SchoolCaliforniaVerifiedMarch 2019
Marsh Junior High SchoolCaliforniaVerifiedJan. 2019
Marsh Junior High School Multipurpose BuildingCaliforniaVerifiedNov. 2018
Montclair Elementary SchoolCaliforniaVerified Nov. 2015
Ohlone Elementary SchoolCaliforniaVerifiedAug. 2017
Ojai Valley SchoolCaliforniaDesigned April 2016
Pleasant Valley High SchoolCaliforniaVerifiedJuly 2016
Rancho Campana High SchoolCaliforniaVerifiedSept. 2018
Porter Ranch Community School AdditionCaliforniaVerifiedJan. 2020
Solano Avenue Elementary School CaliforniaVerified March 2016
Washington Elementary SchoolCaliforniaVerifiedJune 2017
Adventure Elementary SchoolColoradoVerifiedJan. 2020
Salida Elementary SchoolColoradoVerified LeaderFeb. 2016
Longfellow Elementary SchoolColoradoVerified Leader 
Iolani School Center for Applied StudiesHawaiiVerifiedJan. 2016
Ann T Dunphy Elementary SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderJuly 2015
Auburn Middle SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderMay 2018
Carver Elementary SchoolMassachusettsVerifiedOct. 2019
Concord Carlisle High SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderSept. 2016
Dracut High SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderNov. 2015
Duxbury Middle/High SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderMarch 2016
Elias Brookings Elementary SchoolMassachusettsVerifiedApril 2016
Fields Elementary School MassachusettsVerified LeaderMay 2016
Galvin Middle SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderNov. 2016
Glover Elementary SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderMay 2016
Irwin M. Jacobs Elementary SchoolMassachusettsVerifiedApril 2019
James Madison Morton Middle SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderJuly 2015
Lincoln Street Elementary SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderJan. 2018
Longmeadow High SchoolMassachusettsVerifiedSept. 2015
Lunenberg Middle/High SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderAug. 2017
Mary A. Dryden Veterans Memorial SchoolMassachusettsVerifiedAug. 2015
Methuen High SchoolMassachusettsVerifiedAug. 2016
Monomoy Regional High School MassachusettsVerified LeaderJune 2016
Mountview Middle SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderMarch 2019
New Bresnahan Model SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderJune 2016
Norfolk County Agricultural High SchoolMassachusettsVerifiedDec. 2015
Riverbend Elementary SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderFeb. 2018
Stoneham Middle School MassachusettsVerified LeaderNov. 2015
Sutton Middle/High School MassachusettsVerifiedJune 2016
West Bridgewater Middle/Senior High SchoolMassachusettsVerified LeaderMay 2018
Bennie L. Cole Elementary SchoolTexasDesignedOct. 2016
Cypress Park High School TexasDesigned 
Dr. Linda Mora Elementary SchoolTexasDesignedSep. 2019
Hoover Elementary SchoolTexasDesignedAug. 2018
Wells Elementary SchoolTexasDesignedMarch 2018

*List strives to be comprehensive, but may not be complete.