Sponsor Innovation with Us

Impact Sponsors are more than just donors--they are our partners in innovation. When we collaborate with organizations and companies that complement our mission, we make an impact for our school districts through new or improved resources, tools, content, or services.

You can become a CHPS Impact Sponsor by supporting one of our current initiatives. Our focus for 2019-2020 is on:

  • Offering new sessions in our Bright Ideas in High Performance webinar series.
  • Meeting the demand for Standard Specifications for school construction that incorporate our rigorous criteria.
  • Updating our Best Practices Manual and expanding it for a national audience.
  • Updating our Criteria adaptations: CA-CHPS, HI-CHPS, US-CHPS, VA-CHPS.
  • Launching a modern, expanded version of our Operations Report CardTM.

How Sponsorship Works

Each sponsorship is unique and customized to fit the Sponsor's selected initiative and their desired level of engagement. Based on a discussion with you about your goals and our intended outcomes, we will customize our Sponsorship Agreement to suit the arrangement and go from there. The timeline for each initiative is contained in the descriptions below.

CHPS is a 501(c)(3) organization and all sponsorships are made as tax-deductible donations.

Contact us at impact@chps.net or call us 415-957-9888 to get started! 

Sponsor Benefits

Impact Sponsors receive the following general benefits:

  • Listing on the CHPS Sponsor webpage and on the homepage sponsor banner.
  • Acknowledgement with logo on any related CHPS initiative webpages and/or materials.

Impact Sponsors contributing $5,000 or more will also receive:

  • Free one-year membership (new members only),
  • Use of the CHPS Sponsor logo,

Other custom benefits may be agreed upon.

Current Initiatives

To learn how your goals may best fit with what we are working on, please review the topics below. If you don't see a sponsorship level or topic that suits you, let us know! We are always interested in hearing new ideas or accommodating a new partner.

Best Practices Manual - $25,000

We got our start in California with our Best Practices Manual, a 6-volume series of guides covering everything from planning a new school to using relocatable building modules. The manual is one of the most important resources we provide to schools because it can be used at any time, in any place, and under any situation. No registration or planned project is required. And, we offer it free! This is critcal because these open, free resources allow schools to direct their money to what's most important to us all: students.

The Best Practices Manual was last updated in 2009 with the addition of Volume VI for Relocatable Classrooms. We are overdue for an update! With technology, products, and building practices evolving continually, we know there is great new information out there to add and schools need these resources to be able to make the best possible decisions regarding their school construction projects.

Your Impact Sponsorship of $25,000 will allow us to:

  • Update and refresh all 6 volumes.
  • Expand the content to cover the entire US by incorporating examples and practices from outside of California.
  • Add new sections to cover very important topics such as: protecting drinking water quality, adaptation and resilience to changing climate and other threats, inclusive/responsive design features, school safety, zero energy, and zero waste.
  • Update the CHPS webpage with the new volumes and related interactive content.
  • Conduct outreach and present 1-2 webinars.

Through calendar year 2020.

Sponsor Benefits

All of the general Impact Sponsor benefits, plus acknowledgement and logo on the Best Practices Manual webpage and the opportunity to participate in the advisory or review committee and related webinars.

CHPS Criteria 2019 Editions - $10,000 to $40,000

With the upcoming release of the CHPS Core Criteria v3.0, it is now time to apply the same updates to our national and state-specific criteria manuals. We are seeking partners for the following updates:

  • US-CHPS - National adaptation, currently in use in four states,
  • CA-CHPS - California only, in use in 42 districts, over 150 projects currently registered for recognition.
  • TX-CHPS - Texas only, over 100 projects currently registered for recognition.
  • VA-CHPS - Virginia and mid-Atlantic states, more than 20 projects currently registered for recognition.

Each update requires an Impact Sponsorship of $10,000 to cover staff work with the advisory committee and document revision, plus outreach and training to the local communities.


Calendar year 2019. Final editions of each adaptation are planned for release in January 2020.

Sponsor Benefits

All of the general Impact Sponsor benefits, plus the opportunity to participate in the outreach and training.

Operations Report Card v2.0 - $25,000 to $100,000

We are very excited about our plans for the next generation of our Operations Report CardThe ORC is a unique tool designed specifically for schools to record and monitor the performance of their buildings across CHPS' 7 prerequisite categories. It can be used to track performance and inform maintenance and/or be used to help set priorities in capital improvement plans.

Demand for the ORC v2.0 extends across the country from Hawaii to Vermont. We have over two dozen districts ready to use the ORC as soon as we give the word.

We seek one or more Impact Sponsors to contribute $25,000 to $100,000.

The project budget of $100,000 will allow us to:

  • Reconfigure the current ORC so that each module can be used independently.
  • Update the content and functionality to current standards.
  • Update the platform to current, mobile-friendly technology.
  • Enhance the Energy Efficiency module to include greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
  • Integrate relevant modules with complementary tools from our partners, such as EPA's new IAQ app.
  • Create and beta test an entry-level version of 1 or 2 modules in order to offer appropriate options to districts with less capacity.
  • Run a pilot of v2.0 with 5-7 school districts across the country.
  • Conduct planning with our partner, EcoRise, for the companion student version and curriculum.
  • Conduct outreach across the country.
  • Provide initial staff support to implement the program.

Through calendar year 2020. The project will proceed in phases, and any given phase can be sponsored.

Sponsor Benefits

All of the general Impact Sponsor benefits, plus the opportunity to participate in the ORC advisory committee and all related webinars/trainings.

CHPS Standard Specifications - $10,000

More and more school districts, design firms, and manufacturers are requesting assistance with including appropriate details in their building or product specifications. A standard spec that covers all CHPS criteria is highly desirable because it is efficient, comprehensive, customizable, and easily used by our primary beneficiary: schools.

An Impact Sponsor is needed at the $10,000 level to support the creation of a standard spec that meets CHPS criteria. Your support would allow us to:

  • Complete the draft specification in collaboration with partners and advisors.
  • Field test and finalize it with our school districts and members.
  • Create a dedicated section on our website for Standard Specifications and its supporting content.
  • Conduct outreach and promotion for the program, including 1-2 live webinars.

Through September 2019.

Sponsor Benefits

All of the general Impact Sponsor benefits, plus the opportunity to participate in the Standard Specifications advisory group and all related webinars.

Bright Ideas in High Performance Webinar Series - $2,500 to $10,000

CHPS' strength has always been its valuable training and educational programs, many of which are provided free to schools and school districts. In 2018, we launched a new webinar series with From Research to Action: Evidence-Based Design in Healthy School Buildings. Additional topics currently under consideration include the importance and challenges of acoustics, energy efficiency and occupant comfort, Inclusive/Responsive Design, and trends in school construction.

We are seeking Impact Sponsors to help us develop webinars on 2-3 original, timely topics and create a dedicated webpage for the series. Sponsors will have an opportunity to assist with choosing the topics and participating in the webinar as a subject matter expert, if applicable.

Sponsorship Levels
  • New Webinar $2,500 - Development and presentation of 1 new topic, including a recorded version.
  • Webpage $3,000 - Support for creating the webinar series webpage and content management updates.
  • Webinar Series $10,000 - Development and presentation of 3 new topics, plus creation of a dedicated webpage.

Through calendar year 2020.

Sponsor Benefits

All of the general Impact Sponsor benefits, plus participation in the selection of topics and webinar/webpage development.