The need for better ventilation and air quality in schools became a focal point in 2020 thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it isn’t news to CHPS member WindowMaster.

The international company has been specializing in the design of automated natural ventilation systems since 1990.  And under ownership of CEO Erik Boyter since 2015, WindowMaster’s mission to “create the best indoor climate solutions in the world in the most sustainable way possible” fits perfectly with CHPS’ mission to foster healthy, high-performance schools. 

Studies such as those cited in CHPS’ Whitepaper on “School Ventilation for COVID-19" show the value in increasing fresh air and reducing CO2 levels, and WindowMaster’s motorized window/vent systems do just that. 

MotorLink® is a state-of-the-art digital data communication technology. It provides accurate control and functionality of the automatic window actuators and natural ventilation, and connects with any BMS / BAS that your school facility would use. In automatic mode, the actuators will open and close in a slow speed which reduces noise and prevents disturbance during school lessons.

A poor indoor climate in school can result in 15% reduced performance, which is similar to one extra year seen over a child’s entire educational period. As concluded by several studies, the potential benefits associated with natural- and hybrid ventilation are numerous and include:

   *Doubling the ventilation rates from 11 to 20.3 cfm increased student speed by 15% (numerical tasks).
   *Students in classrooms where windows could be opened were found to progress 7-8% faster than those with fixed windows.
   *65% reduction in Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) symptoms by utilizing natural or mixed mode ventilation.

For more information, check out the highlights of this CHPS webinar co-created with Windowmaster. And this WindowMaster pdf booklet sheds more light on the benefits their ventilation systems provide for schools.

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