Welcome to our Updated High Performance Product Listings

CHPS is on a mission to make it easy for school personnel and design professionals to select, specify, and document building materials that meet our high standards for indoor environmental quality and resource conservation. This page explains how to source products that meet credits EQ 7.0 and 7.1 Low Emitting Materials, MW 3.1 Recycled Content, MW 5.1 Certified Wood, MW 7.1 Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs) and/or MW 10.1 Product Health Information Reporting (e.g. HPDs). This page also contains information on products certified under the CHPS PreFAB program.

Starting in 2017, we began offering our approved product listings in an entirely new configuration. We retired our single proprietary CHPS High Performance Product Database in favor of a more sophisticated option through two partnerships with third-party web-based resources, ZeroDocs and Sustainable Minds. Read more about the Sustainable Minds partnership in the press release here. Both sites are free to search and offer advanced functionality for finding, selecting, and specifying high performance materials and finishes.

Manufacturers wishing to earn the CHPS Product designation, please contact us for information.

We remain grateful to EPA, CalRecycle, and others that supported the development of our original High Performance Products Database, and we will continue to provide product approval and identification so that school and design professionals know they are selecting the healthiest and highest performing products available.


Using the New Listings

CHPS new listing of low emitting products for EQ 7.0 and 7.1 are contained in the CHPS High Performance Product Database at ZeroDocs.com. Products are itemized individually, and the site covers multiple types and attributes. Look to ZeroDocs in the future for FSC Certified wood and recycled content materials too. For California projects, the “CHPS High Performance Products Database” in CALGreen 5.504 refers to the CHPS ZeroDocs page.

Additional features of the site:

  • Free product library and specifying tool
  • Easy-to-find attributes contained in the CHPS Criteria; multiple attributes are identified
  • Confirmation of low emitting claims through our own product certification
  • Map of distribution area for each manufacturer


Use the Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog for product transparency (environmental product declarations and material ingredients) under Credits MW 7.1 and 10.1. The catalog is organized by manufacturer, and each manufacturer's page features all the products that have transparency disclosures. Look for the CHPS Product and CHPS Member logos on the manufacturer pages. The listings may also provide information on other applicable CHPS criteria, including certifications and what the company is doing to improve their products and processes.

Additional features include:

  • Free educational content on environmental and health disclosures and how to use them to earn CHPS credits
  • Free specifying tool
  • Free social media tools to easily distribute information
  • Easy-to-find attributes contained in the CHPS Criteria
  • Confirmation of attributes through an approved process
  • Neutrality on verification/verification organizations

These CHPS Members are currently listed: AEP SpanArmstrong CeilingsEcoreExcel Dryer, and Tandus Centiva.


Finding a CHPS PreFAB Product

As of 2016, we have one PreFAB product certified: Gen7 by American Modular Systems. The San Martin/Gwinn Elementary School in San Martin, CA was built to CHPS criteria with Gen7, and other projects are currently underway.